Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tea Time

Some of my favorite things:

 - a yellow spatterware tea kettle purchased at Debo's in Houston, MO. I use it several times a day to make green tea, herbal teas, hot chocolate ...  It is one of the most used item in my kitchen.

 - my favorite china tea cup set. We purchased it in Chinatown (San Francisco) last summer. It came with a china strainer inside for holding teas and a lid/stand for steeping/holding the strainer. I use it everyday as well!

 - tea towels my mother embroidered for me.

Each of these has a special memory for me - visiting with brethren from other places, wonderful expeditions with my family and a treasured heirloom stitched with love.

Everyone in the house is now drinking teas. We enjoy mixing different herbal blends. I got up a little later than usual this morning to find my oldest had already made his father's green tea and herbal teas for the rest of us. What a blessing he is to me!

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