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Cabbage Patch Doll Hair Hat Wig Free Crochet Pattern for American Girl 18 inch Dolls

It seems these little wigs are all the rage these days! They are everywhere! The only thing I haven't seen is one in an 18" doll size. Since I don't have a baby girl but I do have an older girl who just happens to love American Girl Dolls, I had to come up with one for her.  

I looked at hundreds of photos and even ran across this wonderful free pattern and tutorial at RepeatCrafterMe's website   I did not copy her pattern, but it was helpful to me in thinking about the construction and there is a tutorial on the loop stitch. 

Cabbage Patch dolls have lots of different hairstyles and it would be easy to change the styles using the basic design - a ponytail instead of pigtails, all over curls vs. bangs, straight vs. curly bangs ...

Here is my version, feel free to use it for your own personal use. If you want to share it, please only link to my blog, do not re-post the pattern, do not sell or redistribute the pattern in any form. Thanks and enjoy!

Cabbage Patch doll Hair Hat Pattern to fit American Girl or other 18" dolls.

Size H crochet hook
Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Yellow (worsted weight yarn)
Tapestry Needle
Stitch Markers
One yard, 1/4 in wide ribbon cut in half

Note: Beginning ch 2 of each round does NOT count as a stitch.
The first 8 rounds are worked in the round, in the same direction.
You turn and work the 9th round, still in the round, but in the opposite direction.

sc - Single Crochet
hdc - Half Double Crochet
sl st - slip stitch

Round 1) Create a magic ring (OR chain 4, join to form a circle). Ch 2, work 12 HDC in ring. Join with sl st to top of first hdc. (12 hdc)

Round 2) Ch 2, work 2 hdc in same st as join, and in each st around. Join to 1st hdc. (24 hdc)

Round 3) Ch 2, work 1 hdc in each st around. Join. (24 hdc)

Round 4) Ch 2, work 2 hdc in first st, 1 hdc in next. *2 hdc in next, 1 hdc in next* , repeat * around.  Join ( 36 hdc)

Rounds 5-8) Ch 2, 1 hdc in each st around.  Join  (36 hdc)

The last 4 rounds make up the "loop stitch" bangs.

Round 9) Ch 1, TURN. SC in same stitch as ch, sc in next 11 stitches. Work "loop stitch" in next 12 stitches, sc in last 12. Join to first sc.  (24 sc, 12 loop stitches)

**Continue working in this new direction, in the round so the loops will be on the "right" side of the hat.**

Rounds 10, 11 & 12) Ch 1, DO NOT turn, sc in same stitch, sc in next 11. Work loop stitch in next 12, sc in last 12. Join to first sc. (24 sc, 12 loop stitches)  Fasten off, weave in ends.


Cut 46 pieces of yarn measuring 12 inches each (23 pieces of yarn for each pigtail).  Hold 21 pieces evenly, fold them in half. Take the one extra piece, wrap it around the middle of the bunch and tie tightly in a knot. Do Not Cut these strands!! You will use them to sew the pigtails onto the hat.

To braid the pigtail, separate them into 14 even strands and braid. Use the last piece of yarn to tie around the bottom of the braid to hold it in place and trim the ends evenly.

To attach the pigtails, I fold the hat flat with the bangs evenly in the front.  Decide where you want to place them, and use the 2 stitch markers to mark each side where you want the pigtails to go. This is the easiest way I've found to keep them even. 

I use the tapestry needle and the two strings at the top of the braid to attach them to the hat. Thread the strands - one on each side of the stitch marker - through to the inside of the hat. Tie the strands together in a knot and then weave the ends through the stitches. 

Tie a ribbon to each pigtail and enjoy! 

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