Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Triple Twist Headband Ear Warmer Tunisian Knit Crochet Free Pattern

The first cool temperatures hit here last week and we all ran to dig out our winter gear. Of course my children have outgrown everything from last year so, here we go to re-stock. 

The Windy City has nothing on our town and we always need something to keep the cold air away from our ears. Time for a warm headband!

My daughter has also outgrown her (mom's) desire for all things frilly and wanted something a little more sleek and sporty.  I wanted something with a tighter weave than crochet so it would be warm, but something that worked up more quickly than knitting.

So I made a compromise and tried my hand at Tunisian crochet knit stitch! (I tried saying that 5 times fast and it wasn't pretty.)

We tried one with a knot, but it looked too much like I Love Lucy. I wouldn't mind, but my daughter wasn't impressed. 

Then we tried a turban twist but it still wasn't just what she wanted. 

And that's how the Triple Twist Headband was born. 

She was pleased and therefore, I was pleased. 
Doesn't it frame her precious heart shaped face just perfectly? 

I hope this pattern makes you happy too.
(Remember this pattern and the photos are the copyright of Lace'NWhimsy and may not be copied, shared, sold, etc. without the owner's permission.) Let's play nice! :)

If you'd like to have one custom made for you in any size or color, I'd be happy to make one for you. Contact me here or in my Lace 'N Whimsy Etsy Store  to order! 

I will make a disclaimer here and say that I will not be giving a tutorial on the Tunisian Knit Stitch because I did a Google search and came up with 72,000 results. I think 72,001 would just be redundant. So please check out one of those awesome tutorials for the how-to get started. 

And now for the pattern details:

I used:
**Worsted weight yarn (Ivory Tweed I Love This Yarn)
**K Tunisian hook. 
**Large eye Embroidery Needle

Gauge: 8 rows of Knit Stitch = 2 inches

Size stitch/row counts as follows: Small (Medium)

    Small = approx. 17 to 21 inches
Medium = approx. 19 to 23 inches

If you want to make a smaller or larger headband, add or subtract equal amounts of rows to the beginning and ending rather than the in the strips.  Tunisian Knit Stitch makes a very thick but very stretchy fabric. 

Ch 13,  In Tunisian style, pick up a loop in 2nd chain from hook and across. (13 loops on hook). Make the Tunisian pass back across.

Work 18 (22) rows, Tunisian KNIT stitch. Stop, but do not fasten off. 

Now we will divide this section into two equal strips to form the twists. 

Continue to work in Tunisian Knit stitch - BUT - Only pick up 6 loops (7 loops on hook) and work only in those stitches for 37 (37) rows. 

Fasten off leaving long tail.

You now have half of the back base and one strip.

Attach yarn to inside edge of first row not worked, where the first strip began, with a slip stitch. Attach to the right of the first "bar" stitch on previous row. (see photo below) 

Work Knit stitch the same as the first strip. Work 37 (37) rows, do NOT fasten off.

Being careful to keep the strips with the front/right side facing and lying flat -  "Twist" strips over each other twice.

Place strips together at the ends so they are even as shown above.

With Tunisian hook, begin the knit stitch again. Pick up the loop of yarn still attached at the right side of the right strip.

Continue Knit stitch across both strips, joining them together. Make sure to only pick up 12 loops as before (13 on hook including the first chain loop.) 

TIP:  To join the strips back into one and keep the correct number of stitches -- Go through the "end" of the first strip AND through the beginning of the 2nd strip before picking up a loop. So - put the hook through the end of the first strip (do not pick up a loop), continue through the first part of the seconnd strip and NOW pick up ONE loop. It's similar to making a decrease stitch. 

Knit stitch together for 18 (22) rows as you did for the first side.

Finish off your work by working a sc in each across. Do NOT fasten off.

Fold ends together and slip stitch or single crochet across to seam up and close 
the headband. Everyone seems to have their favorite preference for making a seam. I like to turn it wrong side out and seam up from the back. It seems (ha ha - "seams"/"seems" - ok, it's probably a little too late for fiber puns) to make the seam less noticeable from the front. 

Now before you try it on, you will want to use the long tails still attached to make single "tack" stitches to hold the twists in place.  Trust me! You will want to do this.

I chose to put my "tack" stitches where the cute little orange flowers are on the photo below.

 That's it! Weave in those ends and cover up those ears!!!

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Donna Beck said...

This a really nice ear warmer for here in Minnesota. Just wanted to comment that I couldn't find a J afghan hook so I used my J crochet hook with an elastic hair band on the end. With only 13 stitches to work, they don't slide off. Thank you for this awesome pattern. Will be making a lot of these for homeless charities.